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Injured Runner: 5

Injury isn’t easy. It’s exhausting mentally. Anyone that has experience an injury after having goal in running of any kind can tell you, it can feel like mount Everest. You have to consistently accept a lower level of function than you’re used to and… Continue Reading “Injured Runner: 5”

Motivational Monday : 1

“Acta Non Verba” … Deeds, not words. I chose this as my first motivational Monday quote because it’s a very personal quotation for me. The time that we spend walking around our lives, and not really doing the things we dream because we’re too… Continue Reading “Motivational Monday : 1”

The Injured Runner : 4

Weekly Update This week has been amazing. It’s also been tough. Whenever you’re working at something specific, and putting in your heart, soul, and energy on a daily basis, emotion invariably becomes connected. Giving time to a project, even if you are that project,… Continue Reading “The Injured Runner : 4”

The Injured Runner: 3

UPDATE: Week of 11/17/2019 So, basically I’ve been working my tail off. Every morning I wake up and complete my stretches, which constitute about 20 minutes of work. On lunch I typically complete about 15-20 of balance training exercises, maybe less on some days,… Continue Reading “The Injured Runner: 3”

5 ways to Kill your Inconsistency

Inconsistency is the sea between you and your goal. If you hope for a time where your patterns are so deeply ingrained that you don’t have to fight inertia… then you’re in the right place.. You will have to consistently fight to continue improving,… Continue Reading “5 ways to Kill your Inconsistency”

The Injured Runner: 2

It’s been a week since my first post on self-treatment from yet another running injury. That post explained that I have three simultaneous problems: 1. The infamous Iliotibial Band Syndrome (AKA IT-Band syndrome). 2. Lateral Chronic Ankle Instability (LCAI, AKA Repeated Rolled Ankle). 3.… Continue Reading “The Injured Runner: 2”

The Injured Runner : 1

There are few things in this world more difficult to overcome than repeated failure. In my case, repeated failure has come in the form of an unflinching desire to run, but finding myself in a chronic state of injury. I’m just plain tired of… Continue Reading “The Injured Runner : 1”

Welcome to healing your run.

Health is complicated. We walk around all day doing our jobs, making our lives work, in whatever way we can, stopping at fast food restaurants when we don’t have time to make an actual lunch because busy is life, and what the hell, life… Continue Reading “Welcome to healing your run.”

Hi, Sole Physio here.

Welcome to my blog. I’m happy you’re here. I’m starting this blog because I love running. I want to think about it, and I want to talk about it. Running however has a bad rap. Running is often seen as a practice that always… Continue Reading “Hi, Sole Physio here.”