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Exercise/Running/Triathlon/All of it.

This is just a hello. I’ve been training for about a month a missing almost no workouts and it feels like my mind has finally come back to me. Work has been a drag and honestly pushes me to exercise more than anything. Exercise… Continue Reading “Exercise/Running/Triathlon/All of it.”

(008) Trail Run 4

Seeking the perfect mile Trail Run: 1.01 miles 124 kcalWeather: 39 degrees 16 mph winds -Made me feel sharp and aliveTime: 13.28 mm:ssAverage Pace: 13:17 min/mile Best Pace: 6:01 Min/mileAverage Speed: 4.5 mph Max Speed: 10.0 mphAverage Cadence: 152 spm Max Cadence 239 spmAverage… Continue Reading “(008) Trail Run 4”

(007) Training Day: Just be there.

All mountain ranges have both ups and downs. No great journey is all ups. Posterior Chain Sequence: -Standing Y’s-Standing Hip Extensions-Supine Glute Squeeze-Single Leg Sustained Glute Stepping Strategies Notes: Lazy Workout, You showed up. It was ok, Nothing more.

(006) Trail Run

The trail we choose isn’t just a trail. It can be a path to success. Trail Run: 1.0 miles. Feeling better with my run already. This run/walk only required 3 walks, and they were short. Stats: 39 degree, Raining, and 14 mph winds. 40… Continue Reading “(006) Trail Run”

(005) Stretchy

Indoor: Flexibility Quads, abduction, abduction/extension at 30 degrees and 60 degrees. Calves and anterior ankle are very tight, probably soreness from yesterdays run. My muscles remain in recovery, no need to push yet. Notes: Short and simple today, just keep showing up for now.… Continue Reading “(005) Stretchy”

(004) Run Walk

There’s a lot of new information out there on running. The truth is, patients and simplicity will get you further in the beginning. Today was just a walk:run, 1.2 miles. I’ll be at approximately 1 mile for a long while until all my technique… Continue Reading “(004) Run Walk”

(003): Keep it simple.

Indoor Routine: Simple Standing Set All hip/knee/ankle muscles. March, Abductions, Adductions (Skipped), Extensions, SLR, HS curls, Heel Raises Simple: Not much attention given, Good job, Not much more.

(002) Training Day: Flexible

(002) Training Day: Flexibility Date: 3/19/22 Indoor, flexibility routine Standing: Focus, Stable core, micro rotations warm it up.  Focus, Quad length, Hamstring Length (Forgot) , Calf length, Dorsiflexion, Hip extension, Hip abduction/adductors, TFL Flexibility, cross over ankle range of motion. All with standing micro-rotations… Continue Reading “(002) Training Day: Flexible”

(001) Lets begin again.

Training Day 001:  Zero to 1 Notes: Finally Stable below a BMI of 30 for over a month.  Time to restart run training.  Date: 3/18/22 Walk Run:  55 degrees, sunny, 16 mph lateral winds, feels good. What a good day to start. Notes: 7… Continue Reading “(001) Lets begin again.”