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This is how I get up at 5:45am every day. No matter what.

Consistency is surely the most important aspect of any training program. Consistency is that ability to continue your pursuit regardless of the events happening around you. It is the acceptance that every day is different. The feelings that you have will come and go… Continue Reading “This is how I get up at 5:45am every day. No matter what.”

A brief discussion on failure, and time management.

A brief discussion on failure, and time management.   It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post.  Who cares right?  Well… I do, but it’s ok, and I’m ok with the failure of it. When our minds rise from the mystery and veil… Continue Reading “A brief discussion on failure, and time management.”

Injured Runner: 9

As the days we have left before transitioning to a new year come to a close I find myself rather distraught with possibilities both negative and positive. I have been pursuing healing for several months now. With many ups and downs along the way.… Continue Reading “Injured Runner: 9”

Training Log : 7th day

7th Day : Days Remaining Until Return to Run 39 Days Cape Cod, MA. Weather:Temperature 34 degrees: Raining Breathing in this type of cold is beautiful. The water leaves your body in small tortuous clouds that can’t hold their form. Cleared 1.10 mile walk… Continue Reading “Training Log : 7th day”

The Power of Teamwork

Imagine a race. A rowing race. A race where you show up and you’re the first in the water. By god you’re always the first in the water cause you’re the best right? You enter the water, knowing damn well today is your day.… Continue Reading “The Power of Teamwork”

Injured Runner 8: Clearance

In the world of physical therapy we give our patients clearance. Clearance to return to sport. Clearance to weight bear. Clearance to increase their activity in numerous ways. Part of my failure to progress has been that I was not following the rules: The… Continue Reading “Injured Runner 8: Clearance”

Injured Runner: 7

Not my lucky number. The reality of life is that you simply cannot skip steps. Two weeks ago I posted about my ankle being better. I had been doing all of my exercises properly, gently, progressively. I was feeling great and so I ran,… Continue Reading “Injured Runner: 7”

Running Tip : Get Keyed up

Running is a sport of efficiency. Carrying a key can be the very definition of inefficiency. While running in summer it’s rather easy, because I utilize the pocket placed in most running shorts. Today however I had a few random pieces of my running… Continue Reading “Running Tip : Get Keyed up”

FINALLY! Injured Runner : 6

OK, So I broke my own rules. I admit it, but I felt really good this morning. My ankle felt good for the first time in a long while. I was doing some test jogging in the hallways at the clinic, across the gym… Continue Reading “FINALLY! Injured Runner : 6”

Motivational Monday : 2

What’s your reason? From the moment we wake up our thoughts begin to flow. It happens before we can choose what to think, or bear down on the beginning of the days schedule. Those thoughts that occur in these fleeting moments are probably closer… Continue Reading “Motivational Monday : 2”