(008) Trail Run 4

Photo by Pille Kirsi on Pexels.com

Seeking the perfect mile

Trail Run: 1.01 miles 124 kcal
Weather: 39 degrees 16 mph winds
-Made me feel sharp and alive
Time: 13.28 mm:ss
Average Pace: 13:17 min/mile Best Pace: 6:01 Min/mile
Average Speed: 4.5 mph Max Speed: 10.0 mph
Average Cadence: 152 spm Max Cadence 239 spm
Average Stride Length: 0.79 m
Ascent: 67 Descent: 77
Water Loss 153 ml

Something about the cold. It forces me to warm-up longer, which makes me happier. The cold made me warm.

Good consistency, Nothing more.

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