(006) Trail Run

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

The trail we choose isn’t just a trail. It can be a path to success.

Trail Run: 1.0 miles.

Feeling better with my run already. This run/walk only required 3 walks, and they were short.

Stats: 39 degree, Raining, and 14 mph winds.

40 ft ascent, 49.9 ft descent

Average Cadence 149, Max Cadence 169

166 ml H2O loss = 5.6 oz

HR average: 134 bpm, HR Max: 150 bpm

Garmin Defined VO2Max : 33.5 Poor.

0.81 m stride.
NOTES: Just felt good today, by keeping myself under control.

Good job, Nothing more.

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