(004) Run Walk

Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com

There’s a lot of new information out there on running. The truth is, patients and simplicity will get you further in the beginning. Today was just a walk:run, 1.2 miles. I’ll be at approximately 1 mile for a long while until all my technique and rehab components are done.

Trail Run: 1.2 mi (15:18 pace, walk/run) No worries about that time. We don’t need that yet.

Temp: 52 deg Wind: 10 mph

Average heart rate: 138 bpm with max at 162 bpm.

Stride length 0.82 m

Notes: It’s easy to go over distances, even when you’re just planning on a mile. Don’t worry too much on a walk/run, but if you go too far on a run, stop and walk out the way back to start point.

Nice work, Nothing More

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