(001) Lets begin again.

Photo by Saif Selim on Pexels.com

Training Day 001:  Zero to 1

Notes: Finally Stable below a BMI of 30 for over a month.  Time to restart run training. 

Date: 3/18/22

Walk Run:  55 degrees, sunny, 16 mph lateral winds, feels good. What a good day to start.

Notes: 7 min warm up walk, keep it simple to start.   Light run walk, no speed consideration, just noting what I feel. No more than 1 mile.

Tight hips.

Poor core strength.  My back hasn’t felt movement like this in awhile.  I don’t rotate much on joggy sections.

My calves are so tight.  To the point where I feel my anterior ankle. Pressure, must be high ankle tension. 

Left hamstring is tight, as always.  Couldn’t extend through push off without feeling adductors.

Great start, nothing more. 

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