A brief discussion on failure, and time management.

A brief discussion on failure, and time management.  

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post. 

Who cares right?  Well… I do, but it’s ok, and I’m ok with the failure of it.

When our minds rise from the mystery and veil of sleep, there is this enormous capacity to build structures of thought.  Images will play in a wild and discordant slideshow, and we grab and hold onto the images that feel right for that day.  Some necessary, some unnecessary.  With those images we piece together a picture of our day, or even our life.  This picture draws our attention towards certain activities.  For example, first thoughts could be about all of the things that have to get done today (haircut, groceries, laundry, cleaning, preparation for some meeting at work, etc).  These ways of picturing your day and building your intention are great to a degree, but what if they don’t align with our greater intention for our life?

What if we fill our time with so much of the minutia that we cannot explore our more powerful selves?  This is my greatest failure to date.  I have always had a grand vision for my life.  Opening my own running clinic, treating athletes, runners, patients who need quality care and really just haven’t found it within our current system.  I have wanted to write for years and I am only finding my way to this blog in the recent months and even now I find consistently giving it time difficult.     

  Whenever our attention is pulled in any direction, we have to ask.  Does this direction of today, or the “attention” of today, fit in with, and align with my greater “intention?” 

This blog, and more specifically this individual post lines up with my personal intention for a greater life.  A life where I am teaching, learning, leading, helping, coaching, and healing.  I have tons of knowledge when it comes to physical therapy, running techniques, and recovery.  It is where my expertise lives.  This however does not mean that my daily actions are in line with my intentions.  My grander goals, and life-long pursuits.    

I fail, I fail constantly.  It’s exhausting emotionally and it has this tendency to drain to intention.  So today atleast, I have decided to take the time to realign my actions with my intention.  I’m giving you my time.  I’m writing you this post because it is a true expression of my intention. 

So, what are your intentions?    Does your attention line up right now with your intentions?

We live in a world filled with distraction.  Distractions have the ability to make sustained attention even more fleeting.  Social media, advertisements, text messages, phone calls.  They disrupt attention, and without attention we cannot even pursue our intentions. 

Today I pursued my intentions.  Each day I have to make that decision.  It won’t be easier tomorrow, but every day that I do it, I make one small vote for a greater future me.  Vote for yourself.  Vote for your greater intentions. 

Best of luck today,

Sole Physio. 

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