The Power of Teamwork

Imagine a race. A rowing race. A race where you show up and you’re the first in the water. By god you’re always the first in the water cause you’re the best right? You enter the water, knowing damn well today is your day. You just sit, perfectly balanced on the water, waiting patiently in your skull. You can build the entire race in your mind. You have your oars at the ready. Your hands fully in control, your back and legs are warm and prepared. You’ve been training for weeks, months, years. All for this race.

The time has come to claim your victory.

You can beat any other rower on the lake.

The other rowers begin to arrive now.

You begin to look around. Uh-oh.

This can’t be right.

Why are they all in pairs? Why do they all have a crew member?

Suddenly your confidence wains and you realize you’re in the wrong heat. You’re about to row against pairs, and there’s no way you could win against them. No matter how hard you row alone.

The reality is that we all know exactly how powerful a team is. We know that the synergy of a group can create much more powerful outcomes than the power of one, but most of us think that we need to do it alone.

Myself included. I’ve been working alone for a long time, and honestly, the more people I let in on my goals, and my dreams, the more support I’m finding. People will rise up to give you aid. Some aid will be dramatic, other aid will be small. All of it necessary. All of it builds the city.

If you find that you’ve been avoiding finding a team to help you, even if the support is emotional, or just guidance, find it. A team of great minds gives you a knowledge base and a power you can’t imagine until you feel it.

Teamwork is Jet fuel.

Sole Physio

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