Running Tip : Get Keyed up

Running is a sport of efficiency. Carrying a key can be the very definition of inefficiency. While running in summer it’s rather easy, because I utilize the pocket placed in most running shorts.

Today however I had a few random pieces of my running apparel left and they combined to produce exactly 4 pockets, none of which allowed for zipping.

A key floating around in a pocket while running is a very dangerous thing. Losing your key and realizing it only when you arrive home can be a terrifying concept. Essentially it’s an unacceptable possibility.

Today I had to come up with something new.

Historically I would have tied my key to my shoelaces, but honestly I really don’t enjoy doing that. It flops around sometimes and can be rather annoying, even if it works in a pinch.

Today I found my watch the perfect ally.

I placed the large head of my key under the excess band, and stretched the key under the band retainer, and into a hole in the band itself. This turned out to be a very secure place to put my key. It didn’t budge!

This technique worked so well I just had to share!

Smart Running!

Sole Physio

Benjamin Rich PT, DPT

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