Motivational Monday : 2

What’s your reason?

From the moment we wake up our thoughts begin to flow. It happens before we can choose what to think, or bear down on the beginning of the days schedule. Those thoughts that occur in these fleeting moments are probably closer to our core beliefs and desires than thoughts created by our environment at almost any other time during the day. The fundamental thoughts of our subconscious are flowing in those earliest moments. We think of someone or something. An upcoming event, a problem, a hope.

What do you think of the in the moments between being asleep and the moment you wake up?

Do you immediately consider your children? Or your job? Is your mind somewhere in the distant future, or with someone special?

It’s coffee isn’t it. First thought = coffee. If it’s coffee drop me a like and subscribe.

Somewhere hidden within those thoughts, is the reason you do what you do. The reason that you have chosen to follow the road you walk on, or run on in our case.

It’s the beginning of the week after the complexities of family and friends during the holidays. Take a moment this week to reassess those reasons. The purposes of why you do what you do. Remember that you are you, and you have reasons. Sometimes family can bring those out. Other times they can squeeze them out of you.

Don’t forget your reasons and line yourself up with them this week.

Start to assess your first thoughts. See if that helps line you up with your truth.


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