Injured Runner: 5

Injury isn’t easy. It’s exhausting mentally. Anyone that has experience an injury after having goal in running of any kind can tell you, it can feel like mount Everest. You have to consistently accept a lower level of function than you’re used to and try and stay positive. I’ve already been held back for what seems like months. It seems like all I want to do is get back to running, but the smallest movement can produce a setback.

I was moving a round at home thinking nothing of my ankle this week. My regular exercise sequences were going well. I actually felt that my posterior ankle felt pretty good overall. I was starting to think earlier in the week that I had reached a new level. “Thank God,” I was thinking. “I’m getting somewhere now.” Maybe even closer than I thought to taking a few tenths of my walk and turning it into a jog.

After a bit of a jump, using more force in my ankle than I had used anytime recently, my pain spiked. I would say it reached a solid 6/10. Made me stop immediately and hold my ankle. I am so over this pain.

But, wait. I iced my ankle for a few days, took my practices easy, ate good food with family, and rested….. wait. I rested.

Sometimes we get so caught up in progress and expectations we forget to let ourselves rest. This week was a great reminder that the body needs a break. For all of the improvements that we make, we often forget the simple stuff. Rest is Recovery, and Recovery is Progress.

It’s also okay to take note that the holidays, and spending time with family are supposed to be restful, but sometimes are not. Holidays can be overbooked and more tiring than a typical week.

Maybe this upcoming week it’s time to rest. Catch a breath, and reset your your focus. While re-establishing that focus, maybe it’s time to plan in some reasonable rest days. That’s what I’ll be doing.

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