FINALLY! Injured Runner : 6


So I broke my own rules. I admit it, but I felt really good this morning. My ankle felt good for the first time in a long while. I was doing some test jogging in the hallways at the clinic, across the gym floor. Things felt right.

So I figured I’d go for a little few tenths of a mile jog today. I’d keep my cadence high (I ended up around 170 spm) I’d keep my effort low. I was going to keep it short and sweet. And it WAS!!!!!!

Ok, ok, this really isn’t anything spectacular, but after about 8 weeks of working to fix my posterior ankle impingement I felt really good today and ran a mile.

I know to some that doesn’t seem like much of a “feet,” but it’s been far too long. Recovery sucks. I don’t know if tomorrow will bring a pain spike but it feels great right now. A little burny, but generally really good. Maybe I’ll be flared up tomorrow, maybe I won’t, but all my hard work has paid off. My ankle strength is returning to normal. My ankle range of motion continues to be a bit tight, but that’s why I shortened my stride. My average step length was 0.8 meters. Either way this super slow, super careful run was a roaring success!

Finally. Now I care for it. Time for some icing, regardless of how good it feels.

Sole Physio.

p.s. Running in 43 degree rain is one of my favorites. There’s nothing like it. Can’t wait for a little snow!

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