Motivational Monday : 1

“Acta Non Verba” … Deeds, not words.

I chose this as my first motivational Monday quote because it’s a very personal quotation for me. The time that we spend walking around our lives, and not really doing the things we dream because we’re too busy keeping up other peoples dreams is … to put it bluntly … wasteful. We go to work and support people which there is absolutely nothing wrong with. Unless we dream of something different. I do. How about you?

Acta Non Verba is a quote that resonates with me because I have the energy at the end of the day to talk about my dreams (my own running clinic, my own equipment, my own protocols, my own books), but I rarely have found the energy to put those dreams into action and regularly invest in them. Well I’m investing now. I’m investing in you, my reader. Maybe it’s time for all of us to start investing a little more specifically?

What is it that you’re not acting on? Are there ways you can take a step forward ? Are you talking about it, and putting energy into those words, while secretly hoping you can take those words into action?

Sole Physio.

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