The Injured Runner: 3

UPDATE: Week of 11/17/2019

So, basically I’ve been working my tail off. Every morning I wake up and complete my stretches, which constitute about 20 minutes of work. On lunch I typically complete about 15-20 of balance training exercises, maybe less on some days, but overall a good amount that leaves my ankle and calf shaking like a leaf by the time I’m done. When I get home from work I’m able to work more broadly on total body wellness and strength. Really pursuing a balanced system to prime myself to return to running within the next month or two hopefully.

Last night I was able to get about 4 – 10ths of a mile in intermittently over a 5k walk/jog. It’s not great, but it’s a start. Never forget that walking a mile is more than not walking a mile. There is no starting line of enough. Being active is a practice. Never forget.

My pain has really started to drop away now. As my ankle range of motion improves (it’s been bad since high school, over 20 years ago now), the impingement fades. Keep fading!

I also created a new exercise that I’ve never seen anyone complete before! Man-o-man is it helping my ankle impingement. I may have to publish it at some point. It’s so specific though that there would have to be a very specific need for anyone to complete it.

The great news is that I work with a group of great therapists and we talk about techniques and skills frequently. I spent 15 minutes going over glute progressions with a great therapist who is only a month from Retirement. Passing me her wisdom of an entire career in physical therapy. What luck I have to be with such a great crew.

Overall, my physical therapy is progressing really well and my pain is steadily decreasing. I wrote yesterday’s discussion on consistency specifically because I really desperately want to get back into running again and I have the know how. It’s just diligence. Not just going out to run. It’s about taking care of the small issues and the suddenly everything seems to even out.

Diligence. Always. Never empty words. Rather, the deeds that give them life.

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