5 ways to Kill your Inconsistency

Inconsistency is the sea between you and your goal. If you hope for a time where your patterns are so deeply ingrained that you don’t have to fight inertia… then you’re in the right place.. You will have to consistently fight to continue improving, but consistently fighting the fade is a habit, just like anything else.

We know these things but it’s tough. If it wasn’t tough, then we wouldn’t all be fighting to get “back-in-shape,” or “increase our mileage,” or just “break new ground” in any area you can think of. We all fight these battles, but honestly most give up. Here are 5 ways to help you decrease your inconsistency.

  1. Choose a Goal: Know your goal. Know exactly what you are actually after. Two of mine are to kill it at becoming a better physical therapist, and always become a better runner. Whatever your goal, know it specifically. Imagine it, develop it, explore it in your mind.
  2. Align: Actively consider the ways in which pursuing your target are most effective. You cannot gain strength without working a muscle. You cannot improve a skill without practice. An archer will never hit the target without constantly aligning the arrow.
  3. Take a bite: Just a bite. When you pick up a book, do you think you’ll read the entire book in one hour, or even a night? No, because that would be absurd. You read a page at a time. Take a bit that fits. For me, my micro-cycle is a 7-day challenge. My do schedule is 1 week long. That is all.
  4. Be Tenacious: Decisiveness, and tenacity, regardless of previous failure. You have failed, and failure is the ticket to success. You’re already paying your dues. It may actually be the only way to pay for success. Forget what people think. Forget what they say. Continue
  5. Prioritize: The art of doing too much, is a huge part of our culture today. If you have a goal that you cannot seem to align to, or cannot find the time to pursue, even in small bites, then it’s time to do fewer things. Select your pursuits. Sharpen your aim.

Repeat: Review your target, realign if you need to, take a bite, be tenacious, prioritize.

Sole Physio

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