Welcome to healing your run.

Health is complicated. We walk around all day doing our jobs, making our lives work, in whatever way we can, stopping at fast food restaurants when we don’t have time to make an actual lunch because busy is life, and what the hell, life is busy too.

Time, inertia, people, the confluence of the universes seemingly US targeting forces. Where did today go? It’s 8:52 p.m. and the time is flowing. The reality is that the only time it is, is now. We only have this moment. It’s time to start my physical therapy/running blog. A blog I’ve been mentally planning for years. Welcome. Make sure you subscribe and together we will discuss many aspects of physical self-care and running topics as a whole.

Remember that you get to decide every single day how you will approach wellness. The truth is that we watch WAY too much television. That’s a choice you can make. You can start taking 10 minutes a week to read and learn about wellness, or you can sit and turn on the TV.

So… stop stopping to watch a television show. Yes you. Not me. I’m writing this for you. Step one. GET ON IT! It’s time to learn a bit.

Benjamin Rich PT, DPT
Sole Physio

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